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Aloha!  These are the most frequently asked questions we receive. If I can't answer your question here, contact me personally at
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Your Question: Do you have a jewelry catalog available?
My Answer: Our website is our catalog. If you need something special or you found something you like somewhere else, let me know. We probably have it or can get it for you. Contact me personally at
Your Question: How do I order my Hawaiian  jewelry?
My  Answer: 
You order your jewelry  by Calling 808-389-2180 or E-Mailing  Tomoe  at   our 24 hour Fax line, Postal Mail, or better yet just call us at 808.923-0282.  Calling us directly insures we take your order personally and accurately. With all orders we will always send a confirmation email to let you know your order is being timely and safely processed.   For ordering information and order form please CLICK HERE
Your Question: How long does it take to receive my jewelry?
My Answer:

We have a 5 day processing time which means that once your order is received we will ship within 5 days.  It takes another 4-5 days to reach the U.S. mainland.  International orders 5-10 days. If you need your jewelry fast then choose Express Mail by calling me 808-923-0282 or E-Mail me.

USPS Express Mail:

  • Domestic - 2-3 days shipping time to the U.S.($15.00 extra)
  • International - 5-6 days ($25.00 extra)
Your Question: For custom rings, pendants and bracelets what is the difference between "ENAMEL" and "ENGRAVED" lettering?
My Answer: For custom jewelry your name or initial can be enameled or engraved on the outside of the ring.  "Enamel" lettering is colored lettering (usually black) on the outside of the ring.  With "engraved" lettering, each letter is engraved on the outside of the jewelry.  View the the lettering samples on our custom rings page.  CLICK HERE
Your Question: I see that you sell 14K gold and Sterling Silver.  Do you offer 18k gold, white gold or platinum?
My Answer: For custom jewelry orders we can make them in 18k yellow gold, 14k white gold, sterling silver, or platinum. Call us at 808.923.0282 or email me at for a quote.
Your Question: I have a piece of Hawaiian jewelry that needs to be re-sized or re-enameled.   Do you do repairs even if the jewelry was made by a different company?
My Answer: Yes we do, please contact us at 808-923-0282 11AM 8PM, Hawaiian  or email me at goldtomoe@aol.comfor a quote.
Your Question: For custom rings, pendants and bracelets, I would like to engrave a free message on the INSIDE of the jewelry.  How many letters/spaces can I put on the inside jewelry?
My Answer:
Rings: up to 20 letters/spaces
Pendants: up to 12 letters/spaces
Bracelets / Bangles: up to 60 letters/spaces


Inside engraving:  Aloha au ia'oe (I love you)
Your Question: For custom rings, pendants and bracelets, how many letters/spaces can I engrave or enamel on the OUTSIDE of the jewelry?
My Answer:
Rings: up to 9 letters/spaces
Pendants: up to 9 letters/spaces
Bracelets / Bangles: up to 20 letters/spaces
Your Question: Is there a refund or return policy?
My Answer: We have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all our jewelry.  Tomoe's Hawaiian Gold Jewelry will not be responsible for jewelry items that were ordered in the wrong size or custom jewelry orders (your name/initial engraved or enameled on jewelry). For more information on this please CLICK HERE.
Your Question: Can I telephone in my order?
My Answer: Absolutely. We can help you with your order to ensure accuracy. We will send you a confirmation of your purchase within 24 hours. 
Your Question: What is the Millimeter equivalent to inches?
My Answer: 1mm = 0.0394 inches. Take the millimeter size and multiply it by 0.0394 inches. Example:
8mm is about 0.31 inches.
Your Question: How do I size myself for a custom bangle?
My Answer: Visit our bangle page HERE to see how this is done.
Your Question: The piece of jewelry I am ordering is a gift.  Do you have a gift card you can enclose with my jewelry?
My Answer: Yes, we can enclose a nice Hawaiian gift card with your order for an additional $3.00.   Example:
Gift card message: Happy Birthday love John
Your Question: For your custom rings, pendants and bangle bracelets, what weight and thickness is the 14k gold and sterling silver?
My Answer: All our 14k gold custom jewelry is made from medium weight 1.5 mm bar. (heavy weight 1.75 mm is available for an additional charge)

All our Sterling Sterling silver custom jewelry is made from 2.0 mm bar

Your Question: Ok, I just read all the FAQ's and you didn't answer my question.  How can I contact you?
My Answer: Visit our contact page HERE
Tomoe's Lifetime Guarantee!
All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be of quality materials and craftsmanship.
Should you ever discover any defect in workmanship, return the item and we will promptly repair it free of charge.

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