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EARRING TRAY #1 E00...14k yellow Gold Plumeria scroll cutout earrings. white gold edge. Available in 14k yellow gold   E-mail Tomoe at

E01..14kt Gold. Width 6mm to 15mm. Half Dome with French Clip.  E-mail   

E02..14kt .Width 8mm & 10mm w/ French Clip

E03...14kt  Width 8 mm  hoop  French Clip.  Flowers of Hawaii    E-Mail Tomoe at


E04...14kt. Width 6 mm to 12 mm  French Clip. Plumeria cut out.

E05...14kt  Plumeria  with  French  Clips  10 mm & 12 mm. cut out.
 E-mail Tomoe at Call Tomoe @ (808)923-0282

E06..14k  gold  Plumeria  scroll.  Width 6mm to 8mm. cut out.

E07...14Kt  rose gold. Hidiscus earrings with diamonds or c/zs

E08...14kt Plumeria earrings with  French backs. 23mm & 30mm.

E09...14k  Plumeria  Post  earrings   14mm.  E-mail Tomoe at

E10...14kt Yellow, White & Rose gold. 7mm or Post earrings. 3/4" long. Available in solid color of white, Yellow and Pink gold.   12mm Available.

.14kt  gold Plumeria & Maile Leaf  with  a any Initial 

E-mail Tomoe at

E12... 14kt Yellow gold Hoop cutout 7.5mm width 19mm Diameter.  7.5grams. French clip.   

E13...14kt gold plumeria earrings with French Backs. 9mm.  cut out.  E-mail Tomoe at

E14...14kt gold 16mm Princess 1/2 hoop ear. French clip w/Diamond Total 18pt.          e-mail Tomoe at

E15...14kt Pink gold Plumeria earrings. 10 plumeria flowers. 6.5mm width 22.5mm Diameter.  4.9 grams.  E-mail Tomoe at

E16...14kt Tri color gold Plumera Flower. Lever Back.13mm Diameter 3.0 grams. 

E17...14kt white gold Honu 2.9gm lever back. 30mm total length  Available in Yellow, Pink & Green. E-mail

E18...14kt pink & yellow gold Plumeria & Honu post earrings with    C/Z 2.0 grams 20mm length.

E19....14kt Pink and Green gold  13mm Monstera earrings with Lever backs     E-mail Tomoe at   

E20...14kt Plumeria post or dangle earrings with diamonds or c/z

14kt Pink & Yellow gold Hawaii Quilt earrings. French backs. 17mm.    cutout
 E-mail Tomoe at

E-mail Tomoe at

E22...14kt gold 15mm Tiare flower with diamonds. Studs earrings.                                             E-mail Tomoe at

E22.1/2...14k  gold Monstera     post earrings. with small doamonds, Available in color of white, Yellow Green  and Pink 14k gold.   E-Mail Tomoe

E23...14kt  Yellow gold Plumeria  with tanzanite center. post earrings.  E-mail Tomoe at

E23 1/2....14k 9mm diameter Plumeria  leaver backs.  E-Mail Tomoe

E24...14kt gold hart post earrings.   Maile.      E-Mail                         

E25...14kt gold 6mm Hibiscus post earrings cut cut.

E26...14kt yellow gold Plumeria post earrings. White and Pink gold 
available.  E-mail Tomoe at

E27...14kt pink or yellow gold Plumeria earrings. Post Baskes.

E28.... Bird of Paradise
14kt with green & pink
yrllow lever back hoop
total 1 1/8" length.
14k yellow gold 6mm
Maile Leaves with lever back. Total 1.5" long.
Available in different colors

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